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To view current sponsors and partners for the Powerade State Games, CLICK HERE 

North Carolina Amateur Sports is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to creating more active and healthier lifestyles.  The Powerade State Games of North Carolina and Cycle North Carolina are funded with event revenues and corporate sponsorships. 


Our Winning Partnership Programs go one step further than the traditional “Win-Win” partnership.  We recognize that teaming up with corporate sponsors is a great benefit for our events and programs.  We also know that through our commitment to our partnerships, we can effectively encourage all of our participants and their families to support our corporate partners.  But most importantly, we know that the participants that we serve will benefit from our partnership. 


By working together we can provide participants, young and old, the opportunity to enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle through participation in the Powerade State Games of North Carolina and Cycle North Carolina.  Truly a win-win-win for everyone involved.


Contact Chip Hofler at 919-361-1133 ext 233 (E-mail: chip@ncsports.org)

for more information on how we can create a "Win-Win-Win" partnership with your organization.

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